About VSPN PCB Design Services

VSPN PCB Design Services Registered office is located at Thanjavur in Tamilnadu and operational office at Indira Nagar in Bengaluru. We are one of the emerging professional PCB Design firm specializes in High speed PCB design, Schematic Capture, Reverse Engineering and Parts library management.

We have Effective and Experienced Designers to work for you and we assure your project meets the time schedule with quality. Our Engineers have experience in areas of Product Design, Home Automation, Medical Equipments, Automobile Sector, Defense, Space Research, Aerospace and MIL Grade Standards.

We have Designer's Expertise on Mentor Graphics PADS, Cadence Allegro, and Zuken Cadstar and OrCAD Capture EDA tools. We also offer our Design engineers to carry out the projects inside the customer place itself (Onsite Work).

High Speed PCB Designing

  • > High speed, multi layer digital PCB designs - Bus routing, differential pairs, matched lengths.
  • > PCB Designs for space, military, medical and commercial applications.
  • > DDR, DDR2, DDR3, PCI, PCI Exp, HDMI Design Expertise.
  • > High Density SMT Designs.
  • > Single Ended and Differential Controlled Impedance Designs.
  • > Rigid-Flex PCBs.
  • > Design for Manufacture / Test / Assembly.
  • > Signal Integrity, Power Integrity, Thermal Analysis will be done.
  • > We have our own Design checklist to ensure error free Gerber.


Schematic Capture & Netlist

  • > A Good Schematic will show you the circuit flow as well as Project flow. We will draw the schematic in     such a way that everyone can read the flow of circuit as well as easy to understand.

  • > Symbols and parts will be created as per the customer requirement.

  • > Wiring, Bus signals, Hierarchal Blocks will be created as required.

  • > All Electrical rule checks will be performed.

Parts Library Management

  • > We have a separate team for creating symbols, Footprint / Decals, Pin Mapping.

  • > We will help you to create parts library for a complete project database.

  • > Footprints / Decals will meet IPC7351 standards or manufacturers recommended Land     patterns.

  • > Symbols will meet IEEE standards or commonly used standards as required.

  • > Single Ended and Differential Controlled Impedance Designs.

  • > We will create Footprint/Decals in three type with Minimum, nominal, maximum values.


Outputs for PCB Manufacturing

  • > We will provide all necessary files for PCB manufacturing like Gerber Files, Drill files, Mechanical     Drawing includes Fabrication Notes, General Assembly Drawing, IPC-D-356 Netlist, X Y co-ordinates     for all SMT components for pick & place Machine and Other files required by customer.

  • > We will also interact with manufacturers for modification or updating in Gerber files for better      manufacturability.

Software’s Used